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Wood Stove Humidifier Kettles And Steamers
Your wood stove produces intense dry heat in your home. Dry heat can cause static electricity, dry
throats and dry skin. A wood stove humidifier will steam moisture into the air. Wood stove kettles and
steamers are usually made of cast iron, solid brass or cast aluminum. The cast iron kettles and
steamers usually are porcelain coated. Some cast iron kettles are painted black but these will rust
very quickly we strongly suggest the porcelain enamel coated as they will not rust.

You can control the steam output by placing a cast iron trivet under the humidifier. Wood stove heat is
very hot and placing the humidifier directly on the stove can cause the water to boil instead of
steaming. Never allow the humidifier to burn dry as it may cause it to crack. Always remove the
humidifier from the hot stove to refill to prevent accidentally splashing water on the hot stove. If water
is splashed on a hot stove it will leave marks. Removing the water marks on a painted surface
requires repainting the stove but watermarks on an enamel stove are almost impossible to remove.

Simmering potpourri  can be placed in your wood stove humidifier as the fragrance will move through
your home with the heat. This can be a great way to cloak any smoke or ash smells that maybe in the
Wood Stove Kettles
Porcelain enamel cast iron kettles are available in a wide variety of colors
to match your home decor.
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Wood Stove Steamers
Lattice top wood stove steamers are a lower profile and come in
several porcelain enamel finishes.
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Wood Stove Insert Steamers
Inserts have a very narrow ledge and regular steamers
and kettles are too large. Half kettles and steamers are
designed for wood stove inserts.
Half Kettle  or Ledge Steamer
Unique Wood Stove Steamers
Designer humidifiers allow you to express yourself.
Dragons, bears, ducks, whales and cabin steamers add
some fun to your wood stove while putting moisture into
the air.
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