Ecofan Non-Electric Wood Stove Self Powered Fan
Unique wood stove fan uses the thermoelectric effect where as to
converts the heat generated by the hot wood burning stove into
electricity to power the fan. Place the Ecofan on top of your wood
stove, as the temperature rises the fan blades start turning. When
the wood stove heats up the Ecofan will deliver 105 CFM gently
pushing the heat off the stove into your room. As the stove cools
down the Ecofan will shut off.
•  Unit is 9"H x 5"W x 6.75"long.
•  Costs nothing to operate no batteries etc
•  Very quiet - No Noise

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Ecofan 150 CFM designed to move more hot air is great for larger
rooms or moving the heated air into another room. Non-Electric
Ecofan operates from the heat of your wood stove to gently move the
hot air from the stove into your room. Pointing the fan toward a
doorway will move air out of the room into your home.

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Gas stove Ecofan is designed to operate a the lower temperatures
produced from a gas stove. The gas stove Ecofan will gently move
hot air from your stove into the room at 150 CFM. Non-Electric gas
stove fan.

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